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Are you looking to learn a way to birth naturally, using hypnosis, in North Sydney ?

Imagine experiencing birth the way nature intended. The female body has been designed to grow a baby, without conscious awareness. So it is with birth, the female body has within it all that it needs for a beautiful gentle birth.

HypnoBirthing® helps you to access those innate tools, and also gives partners a practical role in the birthing process. Developing bonds between parents and child, before, during and after the birth. Giving all a great start on their journey as a family.

For most of their lives, women have been inundated with the negative stories of other women’s birth experiences. Everyone, from their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, and even strangers, wants to tell them the horrors of giving birth. They have been conditioned to believe that excruciating pain is associated with birth; and because of this, women today hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth. This extreme fear causes their bodies to become tense, and that tension often prevents them from easily performing the normal, physiological function of birth. The result?-exactly what they feared most-long, painful, disappointing birthings.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My name is Ann Bridges and through a very simple program of self-hypnosis and education, I can teach you to release emotions tied to fear-based stories and misinformation, and help you to see birth as normal. I can teach you to learn to trust that your body knows how to bring your babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that nature intended


"It was undoubtedly the most calm, exhilarating, beautiful birth (not to mention one of the shortest) I've attended so far as a birth doula.

Leila Botsford


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